Micro:bit 10 Student Starter Kit


This kit bundles 10 starter kits for your class. Great for classes of 20 or more students that can team up to create awesome coding projects.

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This BBC micro:bit classrom pack contains 10 BBC micro:bit computers, 10 USB cables, 10 battery packs with 2 AAA batteries each and 10 battery holders. Students can connect the BBC micro:bit to computers or use tablets to start their  learning experience.

What is the BBC micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a powerful 4cm by 5cm, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC. It encourages youngsters, 10 and up, to get actively involved in coding (writing software) and building new things that will be controlled by this mino computer. Your students can write code using one of the easy to use editors provided on the microbit.org website. It Is is easy as 1,2,3. 1- connect it to a computer via USB, 2- press the compile button in the editor and 3- drop the downloaded file directly onto the BBC micro:bit wich appears as a thumb drive. There is also an app for Android devices. The micro:bit has 2 programmable buttons and an array of 25 LEDs that can display text or graphics.

Students can wirelessly connect and interact with the world around them with the built in Bluetooth Low Energy (wireless radio). In addition it has a built-in compass and an accelerometer that detects movement.

BBC micro:bit Support

The unit is supported by a foundation that has created the necessary tools to help teacher quickly learn how to use the BBC micro:bit. They will be able to effectively inspire students and kids to start learning how to code

The exercises are designed to be fun and easy for youngsters. This keeps them interested and focused on the learning experience while they also learn to collaborate with one another.

The 21 first century is just starting, are your students ready? Get the next generation involved in learning coding. The younger they start, the easier it will be for them to learn this new skill. In the future it will be indispensible for their continuing success in the digital world.

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