Solar Battery for the BBC micro:bit

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Lithium rechargeable battery for the micro:bit with solar panel and USB charging.

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Our recheargeable Lithium batttery can replace 500 sets of alkaline batteries while producing 23 times less carbon emmisions.

If that is not a good enough reason to use it, wait there is more!

You can recharge it in 2 hrs with a USB connection and it will power your micro:bit for 5 days or more!

But wait there is even more!

If you have no power, connect the solar panel and the free sun energy will replenish your battery in 16 hrs of sunlight.

Yes, there is even more.  I left the best for last.

Look at the picture, what are those connections to the BBC micro:bit?

If you are going to teach kids about technology,  you have to teach them about solar energy.

Those connections between the Solar Battery and the BBC micro:bit are designed to measure solar energy and help teach kids to  understand how it works.

In the comming weeks, we wil add teaching aids  so you can show the young generation, hungry for knowledge, what the future holds.


  • USB Charging Connector Maximum Current :  200ma
  • Solar Panel :  1 to 5 watts, 6 Volts
  • Battery Voltage monitor :   Analog output, Battery Voltage / 2.4   715K Impedance
  • Solar Voltage Monitor :    Analog Output, Solar Panel Voltage / 2.4, 71.5K Impedance
  • Solar Current Monitor :     Analog Output, Solar Panel Voltage / 2.4 – (1ohms  x Solar Current), 71.5K Impedance
  • Charger On-Off : Digital input, 0 – 3.3V,  0 volts = off,  > 88mV = on,  10K Impedance
  • Battery :    Lithium Polymer, 3.7V nominal, Max charge Voltage 4.2V Minimum,  Discharge Voltage 3.0V, 1500mAh
  • Low Battery Turn Off :    3.0V +-0,15V
  • Over Charge Protection : 4.25V
  • Dimensions :   65mm x 48mm x 18mm
  • Weight :   50gr

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 8 cm


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