Break free form the outdated electric bulb and socket invented by Thomas Edison in 1882 and give your design team new tools to deliver truly innovative products.

Seenov’s led lighting components offers lighting fixture manufacturers significant advantages.


  • We customize the LED light source to fit your fixture, replacing the socket and bulb.
  • We create round, square, rectangular and variable geometry LED light source in any size. We can manufacture and test your LED components to your specifications.
  • With our Bluetooth® wireless controller, the intensity and color of the LED light source can be changed by the customers to suit his or her mood.
  • You can design unique lighting fixtures your competitors only dream-of while we take care of manufacturing the LED light sources.


  • Find out where technology is taking the Lighting Industry.
  • As published in LEDs Magazine:

 ” Fixture manufacturers wanting to stay current and in the game, produce what they believe to be leading-edge products. The consumer, hoping for panacea in a box, expects a certain level of improvement over their existing lighting system.”


  • Our 10-year warranty ensures you get maintenance-free LED light sources that provide customers with a real value they appreciate.


  • LED light sources, manufactured and tested by Seenov, are easy to incorporate into a fixture reducing assembly time and labor costs.
  • Seenov’s lean manufacturing process ensures we deliver LED light sources on time and at a competitive price.
  • You only pay for the LED light sources, there are no design or manufacturing set-up fees.
  • You can sell your lighting fixtures at a premium because in the eyes of the customer an integrated LED light source has significant value.


Reliable easy to use components, manufactured to your specifications, including custom LED light sources, interconnect devices, Bluetooth® Mesh controllers, software solutions and power supplies enable you to concentrate on designing beautiful lighting fixtures while we take care of the technology. We provide:

  • Custom LED Light Sources
  • Interconnect and Power Solutions
  • Wireless Controls with Bluetooth® and Smart Phone Apps
  • Support
  • Free Custom Design
  • Free prototyping


  • We turn the road to technology into a smooth ride.
  • We provide our customers with a number of dedicated testing, prototyping, and manufacturing tools that streamline and facilitate incorporating custom LED light sources and Bluetooth® wireless Mesh connectivity into lighting fixtures.

Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc.