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Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

If you are like me your desk is already very cluttered and there is little room for a screen and keyboard for your new Raspberry PI. Follow these steps to configure it as a remote computer on your Mac.

Step 1 Getting Raspbian

Install a Torrent client on your computer, I used uTottent.

Download the latest Raspbian image from here:

Warning this can destroy your disk drive, backup your Mac before starting.

I got the following information here:

Make double sure you are working with the correct disk. In my case it was disk3, it may be different on your machine.

Inser the SD card and format it using DiskUtil. You erase it with MS-DOS (FAT).

Open a terminal on your Mac and find the disk number.

diskutil list

#:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
0:     FDisk_partition_scheme                        *8.0 GB     disk3
1:                 DOS_FAT_32 RPISDCARD               8.0 GB     disk3s1

Unmount it.

diskutil unmount /dev/disk3s1

Copy the image to the SD card. Warning double check what you typed before hitting return.

sudo dd if=RetroPieImage_ver2.3.img of=/dev/rdisk3 bs=1m

Get a coffey, this can take some time and there is no progress indication.

Step 2 Login to RPI and install remote access

With the SD card ready, connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse to the RPI, insert the card and power up the RPI.

The RPI will be slower than your Mac so be patient. The desktop will appear. You will be auto loged-in  with user name: pi  and password: raspberry

Open a terminal and change the password:

sudo passwd

old psw is raspberry  new psw:         ( Note you should take the habit of using 12 characters or more for your passwords and keep them in a safe place Hacking is becomming wide spread.)

Install xrdp as described below and in this link:

sudo apt-get remove xrdp vnc4server tightvncserver
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
sudo apt-get install xrdp

Type ifconfig  to find the IP address, you will need it later.

Step 3 Set up Microsoft Remote Desktop on your computer

Get Microsoft Remote desktop from the App Store and configure it.

Step 4 Clean up

You may want to disable the local RPI desktop to save resources, I found this great article explaining it clearly:

You should also enable ssh to the RPI from your computer just in case: http://raspberry pi ssh

Have fun with the Raspberry Pi.

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