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About Arduino

arduino uno

The term refers to a physical computing platform that utilizes a micro-controller board and features a development environment for programming codes wiring or software that applies to the development board. This platform can engage with computers or operate as a standalone as well.

Various developments on Arduino have made it possible to interact with objects and inputs, which means that control of such physical outputs as motor and lights is possible using the platform. The programming language it uses entails the integration of ‘wiring,’ which is similar to Arduino but the difference is that it is based on the ‘processing’ multimedia programming environment. Codes for programming, in this case, work the same way C language programming works.

Some of the reasons why most individuals opt for Arduino are;

It is instrumental for both microcontroller beginners and experts as well because it offers a simplified programming environment.

It is reasonably priced.

It runs on several platforms including Linux (32bit and 64bit), Windows, and ‘Macintosh OSX’ operating systems.

Arduino has gained popularity the world over, and that is driven by its free integrated, developed environment (‘IDE’) and the open source nature it employs. In addition to that, modifications of boards are realized from time to time as a result of the creations of expert circuit designers, under the Creative Commons license.

The platform employs various functionalities including offering a connection from the computer to the microcontroller development board through ‘USB’ and writing, compiling, and uploading codes to the microcontroller by the ‘Arduino IDE’ (version 0018). Programming codes or software written using this ‘IDE’ are referred to as sketches in the text editor.

It employs a resourceful serial monitor that assumes the function of a Hyper terminal and inside this monitor, it I possible to identify the printing of outputs on the computer and debugging as well, which happens with ease. These factors have enhanced adoption of Arduino as it continues to gain more ground worldwide.

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